The Beers!

The Beer

Year-Round Offerings

Barrage Brown Ale
bar·rage [buh-rahzh; especially British bar-ahzh] - n - Military: A heavy barrier of artillery fire to protect one's own advancing or retreating troops or to stop the advance of enemy troops.
This is an English style brown ale. We use imported grains and hops, using hops with a more herbal quality to their flavor. Something else about a subtle complexity and it tasting damned good.
5.5% ABV

Angry Scot
A Scottish Wee Heavy style ale that is malty and smooth with a minimal hop impact. This beer is a dark amber color with a creamy off-white head. The aroma is bready with honey-like notes that blend together like sopapillas. Full-bodied, but not too thick, this beer has all the malty sweet flavors of a traditional Scottish ale with a subtle smokiness and the added complexity of oak and imported black treacle. At 7.8% ABV, this beer is strong, yet incredibly smooth and easy to drink. This is a dangerously quaffable ale.
7.8% ABV

Muzzle Flash American Amber
n - the visible light of a muzzle blast, which expels high temperature, high pressure gases from the muzzle of a firearm
This amber is front loaded with Cascade and Summit hops. The front end hops provide the aromatic hop flavors, but this beer doesn't have the bitter finish often associated with IPAs and other hop heavy styles.
5.8% ABV

Smoothbore Stout
smooth·bore [smooth-bawr, -bohr] - adj - Having a smooth, un-rifled bore.
A full bodied and full flavored stout, dark enough that light does not pass through a full pint. This beer is designed to be very smooth, such that it is enjoyed even by many who don't typically like dark beers. To improve body and texture, toasted steel cut oats are used, though not enough to be classed as an oatmeal stout.
5.8% ABV

Seasonal Selections

Our seasonal beers rotate every few months and return as the seasons come back around. These brews are designed to compliment the weather and reinforce the shifting temperatures.

St. Barbara Heather Ale (Spring)
St. Barbara Sorghum Ale is a low-gluten ale brewed with sorghum, honey, heather tips and lemon peel. St. Barbara has been known for ages as the patron saint of smiths and artillerymen. Brass Cannon Brewing's St. Barbara Ale is a light, crisp ale that starts with aromatic notes of honey and flowers. The smooth, easy drinking body is followed by a light lingering bitterness on the finish. The floral notes and lively mid-pallet makes this an excellent spring beer that is well paired with sandwiches and light pub fare.
4% ABV

Split Shot (Summer)
The Split Shot is an American Wheat Ale brewed with 50% malted wheat and 50% malted rye. There is no barley in this beer at all. The Split Shot is a light colored, medium bodied wheat beer with a clean flavor and subtle spiciness. A fantastic brew for hot summer days. This was our very first seasonal brew and we are proud to bring it back!
4.5% ABV

Kanonefest (Fall)
A Märzen style beer that uses ale yeast instead of the traditional lager yeast. The higher fermentation temperature adds another layer of complexity to the already complex style. Malty with grain and biscuit notes, this is the type of brew you want for your own Oktoberfest celebration.
6% ABV

Great Turkish Bombard (Winter)CURRENT!!!
Also known as the Dardanelles gun, this beer is for the coffee lover. Using a porter as the base, we add dark roasted, fine ground ethiopian harrar coffee to give this beer a distinct flavor. We then blend in cardamom seed to create a mild sweet and spicy note. This is a true breakfast beer.
7.8% ABV

Langrage Line

lang·rage [laŋg-rij] - n - Shot formerly used in naval warfare for tearing sails and rigging and consisting of bolts, nails, and other pieces of iron fastened together or enclosed in a canister. The technical term for cramming random items into a cannon in lieu of a cannonball.

Our langrage line is a series of small batch brews. The line consists of experimental batches and variations of our existing brews. These beers are only available in the tap room and rotate often.

Apple Scot
A variation of our popular Angry Scot Scottish Ale. This version has less alcohol and less body, making it more sessionable, and we have added apple juice before fermentation to create a cider-like impression on top of the malty profile of the Scot. This beer will pair well with the coming Fall weather.
7.2% ABV

Hazelnut Coffee BrownCURRENT!!!
Our Barrage Brown ale infused with hazelnut flavored coffee. We let the brown ale ferment to finish, then filter it through coarse ground coffee beans. This is basically the same as making cold press coffee, except using beer instead of water. The result is a smooth bodied coffee brown ale with a nice hazelnut finish.
5.5% ABV

Winter WarmerCURRENT!!!
Our winter warmer is a dark ruby colored ale that floods the nose with aromas of cinnamon and cardamom without overloading the senses. It is thick and full bodied with a long, smooth finish. The spice flavors start the tasting experience and are backed up by mild vanilla and malt tones that gently coat the tongue and throat, while the spices linger long enough to remind one of a cold winter morning and grandmother’s fresh baked cookies.
7.2% ABV