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Brass Cannon is a Veteran and W&M Alum owned craft beer micro-brewery and tap room, called The Cannon. Tightly tied to the community in which we live, Brass Cannon was founded in 2012 by local enthusiastic beer fans and home brewers. 

Initially, we were a bootstrapped operation cobbling together a 100 gallon “Franken-Rig” from commercial steam heated dough frier components in Toano VA. That was the rig where home brewers learned that commercial brewing is another animal entirely. It became clear that to make quality beer and to do it over and over again, a new rig would be required. The result was a move down the road to Williamsburg and to design and install  a brand new 20 barrel (620 gallon) all stainless steel gas fired brew rig in a purpose built building. Throughout all the ups and downs of this tumult and the ever changing craft beer business, we never lost our commitment to the beer. Because that is how it started... We just wanted to make good beer that could be enjoyed with friends.

Today, with the craft beer market changing fast, we have to keep up, so we are always changing too, trying to improve and staying current. If you stop by today, you’ll find us in the midst of redecorating to make the Tap Room more of a hang out and fun place to be. You’ll see our “can to go” machine so you can walk out with any of our beers canned on the spot just for you. You’ll see we have expanded from 6 taps to 12 Taps, with 6 of them small batches. The other taps are also rotating but that just means the beers are on tap for longer periods of time while we swap in amongst our award winners and long time favorites. 

When you stop by you may still find the founders hanging out in the Tap Room, but you'll also find new staff from the brew space to front end, all of whom love the beer and are willing to engage and inform. You'll find an expanded Tap Room experience for Craft Beer aficionados and those who love them in what we now lovingly call The Cannon. And you'll find at least one new beer every week!!


So, come on by The Cannon and enjoy something truly different in craft brewing right here in Williamsburg VA near where Virginia colonists first brewed ales back in 1587… and we’ve never stopped!

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Monday:       Closed

Tuesday:       2pm - 9pm

Wednesday: 2pm - 9pm

Thursday:     2pm - 9pm 

Friday:          2pm - 10pm

Saturday:     12pm - 10pm

Sunday:        12pm - 6pm

Jazz Comes To The Cannon with a Featured Restaurant Pairing

Jazz and dinner or a Jazz dinner or just All That Jazz - Don't Miss It!

The Cannon is teaming up with local artist and soul food cafe owner, George Buskey, to bring you and evening of fun, food, and unbelievable music. Get the details on our FB page or click the link on the right.

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What Else Do You Need To Know?

Discounts for Vets and First Responders EVERY DAY

We are a Veteran owned brewery and we know what it means to have someone's back. You've got ours and we want to show our appreciation by having yours at least when it comes to our beers!

If you are an ER nurse or doctor, EMT, Ambulance, Fire, Police or Active Duty Military or a Vet.... Let us show you some love... by offering discounts everyday.

Special Happenings or Events

Our Signature Event takes place in April. Tartans & Tie Dye is a huge festival of fun supporting Relay for Life/American Cancer Society. Don't miss GHOSTOBERFEST in October with specials, events and spooky-doings all month long!

In the end, the brewery is about  two things: The Beer and Fun. Fun with old friends, and making new friends. Fun with family you were born to or family you choose to make. We've got the beer to make all of that more fun for you and we are constantly trying to offer entertainment options or just a relaxing atmosphere to kick back and do the most important thing we all do... spend time with each other! So check in with us and check our social media because things change fast! Grab a friend and a Brew...

We look forward to seeing you!

Weekly Schedule & Activities

Happening Weekly

Mondays- Closed

Tuesdays-  Teacher's Night - Discounts for those who teach our kids!

Wednesdays- Game Night - Starting 6:00pm

Thursdays- Original Trivia- 7 Rounds- Prizes

Fridays- Check Calendar for Music and Food Trucks

Saturdays- Check Events and Music and Food Trucks

Sundays- God took the 7th day off but not us.  So we have a chillax day at the brewery so he/she has a place to go! 

Its About the Beer!

Other Drinks // Snacks // Merchandise

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The Cannon Tap Room at Brass Cannon Brewing, Inc.

5476 Mooretown Road, Williamsburg, VA 23188, US

(757) 566-0001


Happening Weekly

Mondays- Closed

Tuesdays-  Teacher's Night Out - Discounts for Teachers and a little extra!

Wednesdays- Game Night

Thursdays- Original Trivia- 7 Rounds- Prizes- Starting 6:45pm

Fridays- Check Events and Music and Food Trucks

Saturdays- Check Events and Music and Food Trucks

Sundays- God took the 7th day off. We have a chillax day at the brewery so he/she has a place to go!