About Us

A little background....


Brass Cannon is a Veteran owned craft beer brewery and tap room, called The Cannon. 

We try to focus on the community in which we live while recognizing that many patrons are visitors coming to Williamsburg for things other than Beer!

So we try to strike a balance between local haunt and venue for fun, and a balance between standard great classic beer styles mixed in with small batches and a new release every single week. This approach seems to resonate with the old and new friends and families (and pets) that come through our door.

We are the only brewery in town and perhaps the only brewery in the region, that does not distribute its beer. You want Brass Cannon beer you have to come to the brewery. That has allowed us to be uncompromising in what we put in your glass and to be able to experiment more freely. Today,  the craft beer market is in deluge, and so many craft breweries have cropped up that competition is intense, driving the spirit out of the beer. 

And Brass Cannon has decided not to participate in that race to the bottom.

This brewery was started for the love of the beer and we have simply decided to continue on for the love of the beer.

So, come on by The Cannon and enjoy something truly different in craft brewing right here in Williamsburg VA near where intrepid explorers first brewed ales back in 1587… and we’ve never stopped!