Where we stand on C-19


Your Brass Cannon Team will always comply with mandates, executive orders, the law and guidance from appropriate agencies.

We have published the various Orders of the Governor in our window for you to read, or, you can go here to get EO 55 which is the latest:

We either receive updates from, or manually check, both the CDC and VDH websites through-out the day as well as monitor the news feeds and any other sources that we can and find that are relevant and well reasoned.

VDH info is here:

But things continue to change, so we are adapting as best we can as new things come at us while we try to not just close the doors though we have had to release significant staff to what is hopefully a full pay unemployment benefit passed by Congress. 

Otherwise, we are open to the extent possible (1:30 to 7pm Daily) with a skeleton staff. 

While we take the threat of SARS-CoV-2 seriously, we think we can operate safely within the environment that presents itself by complying with what are really common sense limits, which we will do. 

Our hours may fluctuate during this time, so check the Website hours and our SM, and if you come by and we are on site and providing service, our Monument sign at the street will say:


We recommend that patrons check our website, SM or call the brewery if you are thinking of coming by.

We established a designated  ENTRANCE and EXIT to provide flow and prevent doubling back. If patrons in cue for ToGo beer reaches the 10 patron max in the Tap Room we are prepared to swap over to car-side/curbside service.

You may also call the brewery and place advance pick up orders at 757-645-0001.

We think that working together, employing rational and hopefully, temporary, best practices, we can provide a safe and healthy environment, to the extent humanly possible, during these uncertain times.

We will maintain the Battery's Effective Fire for as long as possible and we appreciate each and every one of you!

Stay safe and stay strong Cannoneers!