OPEN - Beer Lounge All The Time-Rent Event or Club Space

We Did It.... So YOU Can Use it or Rent it....

Come on in a check out the newest and most unique space in the Williamsburg brewery scene!

Comfy chairs and intimate seating areas for chattin and chillin and just hanging out.


You can lease the space for your more private event, meeting, reunion, night out, club or class or whatever. And we'll provide access during times the brewery is typically closed if that works best for you. Tell us what you need or want, and our job will be to find a way to say yes if that is possible.

And we can provide as much or a little as suits you ..... right through to catering and service, or maybe just a dedicated kergerator. Challenge us.

Rental of the space also typically comes with a discount off everything at The Cannon Tap Room!

Click the CONTACT BUTTON and let us know what you are thinking about!

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