Small Batch Brews

Swashbuckler - Rum Barrel Aged


8.8% ABV 

WOW! We out did ourselves here! Several months ago we introduced a Scottish Wee Heavy into an Oak Barrel used to age Rum. Then we let is age and pick up all those Rummy flavors and notes. It really is something you could use as rations on a Pirate Vessel! Come on in and be a Swashbuckler!

Get S'More


 ABV: 6.2%

 This brew will give you memories of sittin’ ‘round the campfire. It’s a chocolate, marshmallow, graham cracker stout that will make the kid in you jump for joy.

Weizenheimer - Hefeweizen


ABV: 4.9%

Traditional Hefeweizen is a distinctly cloudy German Wheat Beer that is "top fermented", has an airy taste and a wide range of flavors, including notes of banana and cloves. Sometimes these flavors are moderated by serving the beer with a citrus wedge... which we can't do as a brewery... so you'l have to bring your own or drink it straight!! 

Sarah' Fault


ABV: 6.0%

As the name would suggest, this idea was Sarah’s Fault. We infused our Lager with white grape and raspberry, added in some oak chips for good measure, and here we are. A wine-esque brew for all you wine lovers. 




ABV 4.6%

A true German Wheat Hefeweizen dosed with Strawberry Daiquiri flavors sans the liquor. This is a great late summer transition beer. Sit on our patio and recall the summer fun while getting your ecclisiastical bell rung by our Vesper.

Lovers Lager


ABV: 6.0% 


Chocolate Strawberry Lager in honor of 50 Years of Virginia is for Lovers! This will get you in the mood.....