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Broadside IPA


6.5% ABV; 69 IBUs 

English IPA with an American twist by adding rye to the malt. A best of both worlds IPA with aromas of pine and citrus balanced against earthy English hops. Crystam malts create a vivid hop sensation and a strong but not excessive bitterness. Rye malts add a spicy character to the profile creating a great and long lasting mouth feel of hoppy goodness.

VooDoo Hurricane


 ABV: 6.3%

A New Orleans inspired Hurricane Cocktail crammed into a beer. We are talking Passionfruit, Oranges and Lime riding into town like a Cat 5 Nightmare making a beer you just won't forget. And you didn't and that is why it is BACK just in time for Hurricane Season. So when the wind howls.... git yourself a little VooDoo!



ABV: 6.2%

Our twist on the famous Cosmopolitan Cocktail. Hints of orange zest and sweetened lime combined with cranberry make this brew an explosion of fruit flavors. People loved it that last time we made so we made it again!!!

Edinberry Scot - Releasing 7/19


ABV: 7.8%

 Take a Wee Heavy Scottish Ale already interesting with it's malt character and a tad of molasses added in at the end to make it smooth and a bit sweet. Then go crazy with a heavy infusion of berries! Swirling flavors of blueberry, raspberry, and blackberry add a nice tart balance to the sweetness of our malty, molasses flag ship ale. Worth a go!  


Rockets Red Glare


ABV 5.8%

Available for July 4th week long fest! Take off into the ionosphere with this GHOST PEPPER ale!! We took our hoppy American Amber and added enough Ghost Peppers to get your attention! This one is great on a hot summer day for the same reason food near the equator tends to be more spicey... when you are oh so hot yourself everything else is so cool!!!!

Puckered Melon - Sour


ABV: 6.2% 

Another FIRST at The Cannon! A sour! But ours is "sweet and sour" and a real summer sipper. Sour watermelon flavors will get you reminiscing about summers long past. As usual... it will not last long. Don't miss it!