Our Friendly Staff

General Manager - Phil


 Phil is an original founder of Brass Cannon and is now the General Manager.

A local guy originally from Newport News and now living in Williamsburg with his wife, who Phil met at a book club meeting.

Phil is one of those guys not easily pigeon holed. He tried college…. a few times…. didn’t like it… any of those times! He is a movie fanatic, estimating that he has some 1700 titles notched into his viewing belt. He finds himself drawn to the creative arts in a broad way and Brass Cannon makes use of those talents from sculpting our Tap Handles to making our High Top Tables, or the Giant Logo that hangs in The Cannon Tap Room, all of which were lovingly hand crafted by Phil. 

In the end Phil views brewing beer as a creative art as well. He taught himself how to do it and he still gets covered in malt dust up to the top of his head during brew days. 

Creativity, however meets its end as Phil goes full-on paradox when he applies his multi-variable talents to also handling all the beer regulatory details as well as the books for the company! Yes, this creative juggernaut slams on the creative skids when he has to follow ABC rules and regs let alone USA GAAP!!!

But lets put it this way…. Phil does so many different things and has so many different interests that if he is around when you stop by The Cannon, you won’t have any trouble striking up a conversation. 

Tap Room Manager - Sarah


Sarah is a charismatic 30-something who loves craft beer and hanging with her family and friends. Don’t we all??

Sarah has been the Tap Room Manager at Brass Cannon for more than a year, but was formally moved to the position when the brewery changed ownership on July 1, 2018. So since then, the changes you have seen and the creation of The Cannon Tap Room at Brass Cannon Brewing has in large part been due to Sarah’s passion about bringing an entertaining but true beer experience to the people who come to visit us.

In Sarah’s own words:   “Once I began learning about craft beer, I was hooked. It was intoxicating, no pun intended. Recently, I started my dive into Cicerone certification it only deepened what I had learned on my own. Craft beer has simply become a very big part of the my life… managing The Cannon at Brass Cannon Brewing allows me to talk to people and find out what turns them on, why they came in, what would make their time here fun… and then I try to deliver. It’s about allowing The Cannon to build relationships naturally. For me,  every day is new…. new beers, new people, new opportunities to surprise people and myself! It’s also a chance to try to provide a unique experience for everyone who walks through the door. The heart of this business is the beer and I simply fell in love with beer, but on a more personal level, what I do day-to-day, is about the people to share that love with. It’s as complex and simple as that."

Beer Professional - Emily


We are still trying to get Emily to release any kind of Bio!

What we do know is she is one of the hardest working and dedicated people ever to darken our door and she always brightens the place up with what seems to be a never ending smile.

She knows beer and knows people and while she brightens your day, keep in mind she is also a full time student at ODU working on a degree in Biology. No slouch this one!

When we find out more we'll let you know but this is one busy person and we are thankful she shares some of her amazing positive outlook with us when she can and we think you will be too!

Brewery Rat - Mack


  Mack comes to us by way of... well actually we don't know where Macklin came from! There are rumors of course but all unconfirmed. We do know this: he knows lots of stuff.

Mack sometimes works the "front end" serving beer and sometimes the "back side of the house" as a brewery technician. He helps brew the beer, he is responsible for keeping the brewery space clean, he sanitizes the brew rig and all the kegs, he kegs the beer and makes some of the small batches, and he does all the maintenance from pumps to forklifts while riding rough shod on everyone else to ensure we keep things "spic and span".

Like we said... we don't know how he knows all this stuff or does all the stuff he does... we just know he does.

We also know Mack likes to work out, collect things that go "bang", argue in the exchange information sense of the word and enjoys music and math (who is this guy?). Finally he loves to chat with the folks who come in for the beer! 

Graphics Guru - Louise


Louise is a bit of a sports fan as you can see from her death grip on the Stanley Cup above. But in the rest of her life she is a graphics artist and marketing specialist.  Louise has managed the graphics department of a major newspaper, was the marketing manager for the largest booze distributor in the Caribbean, and was a bar tender and lived on St Thomas for nearly 20 years and lets just say ... "all that that entails".

Simply put, this isn't Louise's first rodeo.

All the new graphics are hers. As is the new logo on the shirts and glassware, the idea of the table tents and the concept of redecorating the Tap Room towards being a chill space. She also "guides" the naming of some of the more interesting beers!

Finally, Louise is the one hammering us to improve our content on social media, has been the spark behind the new website and did the layout for the newsletter.

Louise is the indispensable person and part of the fire behind the scenes at The Cannon and Brass Cannon Brewing.

CCABW - Matt


Matt is the CCABW (Chief Cook and Bottle Washer). He simply does whatever it takes whenever it is required while ensuring maximum commitment to the product we deliver, whether it is the beer, the service, or the Tap Room experience! 

Matt is a home brewer and got ruined by drinking good beer as early as.... well lets just say the 70s!! He was into craft beer before there was such a thing and he knows good beer when he finds it. That is what drove Matt to be an early investor in Brass Cannon back in 2013 and to acquire the brewery out-right mid-way through 2018.

The changes since then are a result of a new direction based upon the concepts of: Great Beer, New Beer Every Week, Entertaining Experience, Community, Customer Service, and rebranding as The Cannon Tap Room at Brass Cannon Brewing. 

Matt is mindful of the contributions made by the original founders and is thankful to the new staff for committing to the new direction, but mostly, Matt recognizes that without the support of an amazing mix of friends and regulars and to all the visitors to our town who find us, Brass Cannon would not be alive today, let alone on a path toward thriving, while keeping the beer real.

So, stay tuned. The best of The Cannon is still to come!