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Angry Scot - Wee Heavy


7.8% ABV; 28.9 IBUs 

It’s strong, but smooth, soothingly dark amber, but creamy and just a bit smokey. A "Wee-Heavy" Scottish Ale. Malty with minimum hop impact. Bready and honey-like notes. Full bodied. A subtle smokiness with the added complexity of oak and English Treacle. This is an anti IPA and a beer you'll compare others to. 

Broadside IPA


6.5% ABV; 69 IBUs 

English IPA with an American twist by adding rye to the malt. A best of both worlds IPA with aromas of pine and citrus balanced against earthy English hops. Crystam malts create a vivid hop sensation and a strong but not excessive bitterness. Rye malts add a spicy character to the profile creating a great and long lasting mouth feel of hoppy goodness.

Smoothbore Stout


5.8% ABV; 22.4 IBUs


Excellent representation of the Stout style modified with steel cut oats to give it a special smoothness and mouth feel. Low bittering hops prevent overpowering the complexity of the malts which present a roasty flavor with chocolate tones. This full bodied brew is an "I'll have another" stout.

Hazy Daze Lager


ABV: 6.0%      IBU’s: 25.54

We only make one standard Lager so we wanted it to be awesome! We use American Pilsner as the base malt and we use enough of it so the complex flavor doesn't get lost. We compliment that full flavored Lager by using premium Summit and Fuggles hops in proportions suitable to keep it clean and fresh. This is a Lager the way they were meant to be done.

Muzzle Flash


5.8% ABV; 34.9 IBUs

Our American Amber Ale offering. Rich amber color in a beer that tastes smooth, caramelly, with a hint of pine and citrus. Medium body and sweet finish. Uncommonly mild bitterness from the perfect combination and timing of Zythos, Summit  and Cascade hops.

Emily's Dragon Vigor


ABV: 6.3%    IBU’s: 25.5

A true Golden Ale brewed on a whim and blew us away to the point where it became one we wanted around all the time! Clean but full flavored by using a combination of American Pale Ale and Maris-Otter Malt that is then hopped using both  Summit and Kent Goldings.