Monthly Lectures at The Tap Room

The Lecture Series

The Cannon’s Monthly Lecture Series

Pick up a pint and maybe a little bit of knowledge at The Cannon’s Monthly Lecture Series. The idea for the lecture series began as a collaboration between Brass Cannon’s owner Matt Webb, who wanted to find instructional ways to use the brewery’s event space, and a friend, Hal Hardaway, who is retired from the Navy. Together they want to educate and inform our community about things, places, and events that were studied or experienced first hand from people in their fields.

So far the lectures, which consist of about a 45-minute talk, then a question-and-answer period at the end, have been a range of military discussions, but we hope to continue broadening the scope of the series. Some words from the mastermind himself: “A guy walking down the street sometimes has a heck of a lot more to say and maybe even more well-reasoned and thought-out than some of the people talking at us through our boxes.”

We want to encourage anyone who feels that he or she might have a topic for one the lectures to call the brewery at 757-566-0001 and speak to Matt Webb or Tap Room Manager Sarah Adams. “As this starts to take root, we’re hoping to find other people who have things they want to say or things that should be said,” Webb said. “They’ve got to have facts, of course, we don’t want just opinions. And let’s use it to educate the community on a wide range.”

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