Vintage Vinyl and Tape (Reel to Reel) - BYOVAT


Like NO OTHER Retro Vinyl Night

Wednesdays from 5pm at The Cannon.

But we'll break it out about any night we don' t have a competing activity or event.... just because we can!!

BYOVAT (Bee-Why-Oh-Vat) -  Bring Your Own Vinyl And Tape

If we are going to do something, we are going to do it right! Just like our brews. So, if we are going vintage analog music for true audiophiles we are going to go way beyond just adequate! Check it out. Vinyl AND R2R tapes played on real deal gear tied to a BOSE 901 speaker system.

Vinyl on a Kenwood KD750

Vinyl is the thing. Its a retro-thing. Its about analog vs digital and its about pure music and recreating music the way it was played and recorded back in the day! Sometimes older is better and this is one of those times!! In this case we have a single owner Kenwood "turn table" (no one really says phonograph do they?), and this baby is Direct Drive Quartz Lock perfection!

Reel-To-Reel (R2R) on our AKAI GX-635D

"Reel-To-Reel Tapes are the New Vinyl" 

Audiophiles know digital doesn't come close to analog when it comes to music. In the analog world vinyl has been the retro-thing. And its good and lots of people are getting into collecting vinyl and setting up analog systems again. Vintage audio systems are flying off the repair shop shelves. But it is undisputed that in the vinyl or tape battle, tape wins. And not cassettes or God forbid, 8 track! We are talking reel-to-reel or R2R. The Cannon's owner bought this deck over 40 years ago overseas, had it shipped back to the states and has run it in his home since then. Now he wants to share it with you. If you've got a R2R tape hiding around and no system to play it on. Bring it on out and lets see what you've got!

Powered By A Monster Marantz 2385

'78  Marantz 2385. Do we really need to say anything else? 

Marantz was always recognized as "a cut above" back in the day. Saul Marantz started the company and designed and built the gear initially in his basement. He was a musician himself and a personal friend of the great Andres Segovia and he wanted to hear music reproduced the way it sounded live!  This particular Marantz 2385 was one of the last great Marantz Receivers built in the 1970s. She  is a monster of pure amplification at 185Watts per channel into 8 ohms. You can't stand in the same room and reach the clipping edge! Set at 80% power, or less, you realize you are getting the most distortion free output that may have ever been made. And that may take some getting used to because most people alive today may have never heard true pure non-digitized music reproduction. Our Marantz was bought by The Cannon's owner in Japan in 1978 and he has never let her go! This is gear that few ever get to see, let alone hear.

How BYOVAT Works

Bring your vinyl or R2R tapes, grab a beer and sign up. Its first come first served order and each person signing up gets 1 vinyl side or 30 minutes. Then, if no one is waiting, we can just keep going. If someone is signed up, they get a shot.

Rules and Regs

This system is a music reproduction instrument. It has been doing its job for 40 years! And the goal is to keep her going for another 40. 

Simple guidelines:

- Volume to zero until after the needle contacts the vinyl or the deck is turning, and back to zero before lifting the needle or stopping the deck.

- Use the lift lever to lower or raise the needle.

- Let the turntable come to full stop before placing or removing your vinyl.

- Please don't turn volume up over half way.

- Be respectful of the system, the music, your fellow audiophiles, and our staff.

- Staff has final say in all matters that may arise.

- Have fun!